Chrome finish bullet style Fisher Space pen displayed in plastic packaging. A yellow text box reads 'selected for use by NASA; proven in outer space')
Chrome finish bullet style Fisher Space pen
Chrome finish bullet style Fisher Space pen with pen lid on the end and ballpoint exposed

Chrome Bullet Pen

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Imagine being able to write a date on your calendar without your pen skipping. This is just one of the many challenges Fisher faced when it attempted to create a pen that could work in outer-space. The Space Pen utilizes revolutionary technology to make sure it performs in a variety of situations. Upside down, its side, through water, or in extreme temperatures, the Fisher Space Pen contains a sealed pressurized refill (SPR) that will perform. Even if you aren't a space explorer, the Fisher Space Pen can guarantee you can record every event of your next adventure without a second thought. 

Constructed out of brass and coated with an attractive chrome finish, the design of the Bullet ballpoint pen is considered a piece of industrial art and has even been featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The Bullet measures 95 mm in length but extends once the cap is slid on the end of the pens. The Bullet line of pens feel incredible in your palm.

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