CuriousCITY's Science Story Time Kit: Dinos

CuriousCITY's Science Story Time Kit: Dinos

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Reading science books with your child is a great way to encourage literacy and introduce new science concepts. Curated by our Staff Scientists, this story time kit pairs one of our favourite science storybooks with some of our most popular dino-themed activities!

This #TWOSEmade kit will create opportunities for your child to learn and practice new science vocabulary, while providing a unique opportunity for you to spend quality time together and support your child’s science learning.

Read, create, play … repeat!

 Each kit includes:

  • One storybook, handpicked by our Staff Scientists to engage and delight young children while providing clear and accurate science information
  • Two surprise dinosaur skeleton figurines
  • Materials for 2 dinosaur crafts
    • Make your own fossils (2)
    • Dinosaur clothespin puppets (3)
  • Suggestions for further play/learning at home

Recommended for Ages 3-6.