DK Eyewitness Climate Change

DK Eyewitness Climate Change

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A powerful look at one of the most important issues facing our world today — climate change.

This climate change book for kids explores the past, present and future of our climate. Get the facts and figures about how our planet's climate is changing, what the consequences will be and what you can do to help make a difference!

DK Eyewitness Climate Change 
explains why human activities are making the planet heat up. Learn all about the causes of climate change, like fossil fuels and pollution. Explore the effects that global warming has on humans and animals across the world, from more frequent hurricanes and wildfires to melting ice caps and rising sea levels. 

Packed with incredible facts about our Earth’s climate and written in easy-to-grasp text, this kids book will help cultivate the climatologists of tomorrow and inspire kids to help fight the climate emergency. Stunning photographs offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the dramatic changes that are affecting the weather, the environment and the way we lead our lives.