Ecosystem Card Game
Ecosystem Card Game

Ecosystem Card Game

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Ecosystem is a card drafting game where the players are choosing cards and placing them into their play area turn by turn. The cards in a player's grid make up their own personal ecosystem, and the player who has the most efficient ecosystem will be the winner.

Bears score by being placed next to Bees and Trout. Trout score by being placed next to Streams and Dragonflies. Streams are compared at the end of the game and the players with the largest will receive points. There are just a few examples of how scoring works in Ecosystem.

Each player's ending play area will consist of 20 cards, and there are 11 different card types in Ecosystem. The possibilities are nearly endless. Just don't forget to diversify!


  • 130 Cards
  • 6 Player Aids
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • Rulebook

Ages 14+ | Players 3-6 | Playtime 15-20 Min