Retail packaging for the energy rod science toy. It is a long clear plastic tube with silver electrodes on each end. Packaging advertises that you can "watch your body conduct electricity" and "touch both ends to make a human circuit". Next to the retail packaging, there is an energy rod with LED lights flashing to indicate that the circuit has been completed.

Energy Rod

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The Be Amazing! Toys Energy Rod will offer many fun hours to your children while they are learning all about electricity. The circuit rod with the flashing LED lights of this STEM toy will help your kids explore and understand everything about conductors and insulators in the safest way.

The Energy Rod is the coolest tool in experimenting with open and closed circuits. Completely safe to touch and handle, the Energy Rod features electrodes on each end of its 7.5″ long tube.

When these electrodes are touched simultaneously, long-lasting LED lights inside the tube flash and the tube makes a noise. Release one of the electrodes and the flashing lights and noise stop. Do it over and over… it works every time!