A soft cover book with wire binding across the top.  The cover of the book is illustrated with one of the LEGO projects inside of the kit. The cover advertises that there are 16 never-before-seen high-performance projects included in the kit.
The hardcover back cover of the LEGO book. The cover advertises 16 never-before-seen high-performance projects with super-simple, crazy-clear instuctions and illustrates two of the projects included: a battle top spinner and a squeezeclaw grabber.

Lego Crazy Action Contraptions

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LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions is a book of high-performance projects. From the Supercharged Speedster to the Wall Rocket Racer to the Squeezeclaw Grabber — all these contraptions spin, stretch, speed, or spring into action. And all of them are totally buildable thanks to super-clear instructions and step-by-step diagrams.