Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit
Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit

Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit

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The Salt Water Fuel Cell Car is an educational toy that unlocks kids' creativity and problem-solving skills while introducing them to the key concepts of renewable energy.

Explore STEM Discipline: Hone your child's interest in science, engineering, technology and ecology with the Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit. Your child can enjoy this STEM toy while learning more about engineering and gear transmission mechanism.

Learn about renewable energy: Let your child become the engineer and design their own vehicle powered by nothing but ordinary salt water with this educational toy. This car inspires your child to learn more about the nature of the battery and how to make one.

No batteries required: The magnesium metal sheet inside the car is a consumable item, one sheet can have the car run for about 4 hrs continuously. The kit included 3 refills.