Sick Science - Water Vanish
Sick Science - Water Vanish

Sick Science - Water Vanish

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Make water magically vanish with the thrilling power of science!

First the water's in this cup. Then it's in the next cup. Spin them around and keep pouring to fool your friends. Then, stack them up and flip them over.

Nothing spills out!

It may look like an astonishing magic trick, but thanks to the step-by-step instructions and the detailed explanations, you'll know it's all just a matter of polymers.

Or, more specifically, it's the fascinating process of osmosis!

Complete with all the supplies you need and even featuring instructional videos for your smartphone or tablet, the Sick Science Water Vanish kit shows kids just how "sick" science can be.

Just add water!

Sick Science Water Vanish

  • Science kit for making water vanish
  • Encourages following instructions, an interest in science
  • Experience the true excitement of science first-hand!
  • Learn about absorbent polymers and the process of osmosis
  • Step-by-step instructions extremely easy to follow
  • Scan codes with smartphone or tablet to watch instructional videos
  • Includes 3 plastic cups, 50 grams Water Gel
  • Detailed instructions included - 3 exciting experiences
  • Enough materials for conducting multiple experiments 

  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up.