A silver necklace with a glass locket being held between two fingers. A light is being shone through the pendant to illustrate that the locket contains the full solar spectrum of light from the sun, which appears as a rainbow with small black lines
A closeup of the solar spectrum pendant where the full solar spectrum of light from the sun is present as a rainbow with small black lines.

Solar Spectrum Necklace

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Sunlight. Its energy and warmth make life possible. No matter the darkness of the night, there is always hope on the horizon with the sunrise. May light, hope, warmth, and love chase away the shadows...and illuminate the path before you on your journey through life.

As a symbol of sunlight, the solar spectrum has been microprinted on a translucent disc within a steel and glass locket. When worn, it looks like a silver pendant with a dark interior, matching everything. But when you hold it up to the light, you see a magnificently detailed rainbow with tiny black lines representing the chemical makeup of our sun. The pendant comes on an 18 inch steel chain.