Northern hemisphere planisphere astronomy tool
Night Sky Planisphere Small Chandler

Night Sky Planisphere Small Chandler

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A planisphere, also called a Star Chart or a Star Wheel, is a flat multi-part chart that displays the stars visible from a particular latitude for any time and date.  This unique planisphere, The Night Sky™, pioneered the use of a two sided map projection to produce a low-distortion, simple to use guide to the night sky.  With The Night Sky™ even a newcomer will be finding constellations in the night sky within a few minutes!

This is the small-sized version (5") of The Night Sky suitable for the 50°-60° latitude zone (Canada, Alaska, England, Northern Europe, etc.).

The Night Sky™ is perfect for anyone who wants to recognize the constellations, whether for naked-eye viewing, or to help find things with binoculars or a telescope. Beginners will find it is the best way to learn the sky. It shows not only what to look for, but where and when. Students can use it as a miniature planetarium, to help understand the motions of the sky. Amateur astronomers can use it to plan observing events. It shows what will be visible on any day, any time of night.