A graphic illustrating an assembled catapult kit made out of wood, rubber bands, and a small plastic cup.
A graphic illustrating the various components of a catapult kit including wood, rubber bands, a small plastic cup, and corks

The STEAMengine's Catapult Kit

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Make and take home your very own #TWOSEmade STEAMengine Catapult Kit! All wooden pieces of this kit have been handmade onsite in the STEAMengine workshop.

Each set includes wooden slats, dowels, rubber bands, corks, and small cups. We'll include a set of instructions to build one version of a catapult, but there are many ways to design, build and test to create the best one imaginable!

Eye protection and adult supervision are recommended for this kit. Once assembled, the dimensions of the catapult are approximately 10"x10"x10". Recommended for ages 6 and up.